Mental Health: Why is it as important as physical health??

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”- Leonard Cohen

It is absolutely ok to feel overwhelmed at times as life doesn’t treat us well all the time. If you are sad and want to lock yourself in a room and scream, you can do that. It is quite normal and you are not alone. Cry yourself out, it is going to help. However, the vital part is to know how to bounce back with all the energy and vigor. Don’t let your sparkle fade away.  

As most of us give physical health enough significance, mental health still fights for acceptance. Whenever we aren’t feeling well, we immediately consider seeing a doctor or doing something about it but this isn’t the same in mental illness. Mental Health is as important as physical health.

Surprisingly, most of the time, the person doesn’t even know that there is something wrong going on in that part of the body that controls the mind and mind controls behaviors. People refrain to even talk about their mental health, whereas it is as important as physical health.

Mental and physical health are the fundamental pillars of a healthy being and should not be considered separately. If you are not in a healthy state of mind, probability of developing a physical problem is high and bad physical health can intensify any mental issues and can cause some severe conditions. In both the cases achieving optimum health is a distant dream.

Time has changed and it’s not that things are just the same as they were since the older times. People are becoming aware of the vitality of having sound mental and physical health and have started taking steps towards the overall well being (all thanks to the internet revolution that has made information readily available); however, there’s still a long way to go.

Stress is an inevitable part of today’s fast-paced life but when it becomes chronic, problems start to occur. It doesn’t even affect a person mentally but physically too lately. Awareness about managing the stress timely and properly is something of utmost importance.

Let’s understand what ‘mental health’ is

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It includes everything about psychological well being like what you feel about yourself, the quality of your thoughts, relationships, liveliness, motivation levels, and how to manage energy levels and respond to challenging situations.

Some people are dealing with various mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, dementia, schizophrenia etc, and the severity of any of these decides the hazards associated. One can’t say which one is more dangerous.

These days even the kids are not precluded and symptoms have been noticed in them too. They are indulging in unsafe behaviors and having emotional difficulties. Hence, it becomes a matter of prime concern. Mental health should not be neglected at any cost. One should seek help immediately.

Mental Health- When to seek help 

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It is really hard to tell the right time to consider for seeking professional help, as it’s not easy to differentiate between a challenging behavior and emotion.

Many a times when an adult goes for treatment, it links back to their childhood and reflects about the difficulties they had since then and they wonder things would have been different if they had received the help sooner.

So, if the unusual behaviors persist for a longer time, causing distress and interfering with the normal functioning, it’s the apparent time. Withdrawl is the biggest symptom here.

Mental Health- Treatment Options 

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Coordinated treatments are to be considered in case of mental health. Only medication wouldn’t suffice. Various treatments may be recommended for various disorders like Counseling, Talk Therapy, Family counseling, Meditation along with a regular course of medication.

Moreover, support from the family plays an important role. Exercise routines and a nutritious diet must be taken extreme care of.

In the majority of cases, the clinical treatments only are not enough for mental patients to recover and get back to normal life. A positive attitude and a strong will to get better can help tremendously.

One has to be focused on embracing healthy habits and is advised to follow a consistent exercise and diet plan since food has a direct impact on your mood and exercise improves mental health by reducing stress, anxiety and improves cognitive function by uplifting your self-esteem.

Though, it’s quite normal for the depressed person to feel low at times both at physical and cognitive levels (they usually don’t tend to accept their health issues). They tend not to consider indulging in anything good, since negative thoughts take over and coerce to surrender. Help from a loved one would work wonders in such a situation.

Mental Health- Self Help

Mental problems can be quite tricky to deal with. Most of the time the family members are not able to differentiate between a behavior caused because of the mental condition of the person or a sudden outburst of emotions.

There can be multiple episodes as time goes by. It ends up creating a rift amongst relationships and can leave them strained.

Nothing can help you more than yourself to take care of your own best friend ‘your mind’. You can take help from an expert, but it is you who has to take action and execute whatever is been told. Define a healthy day plan for yourself and try to stick to it to the max for good results.

Following are the few steps to mental wellbeing

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  • Connect more with the people – Try to build a social network of your favorite people around you and open your heart up.
  • Exercise regularly – You can follow any exercise regime that suits your physical conditions. Make sure to be regular with it.
  • Take enough sleep – A good night’s sleep is so important to replenish your lost energies for both the body and mind. Get good 8 hours of sleep every day.
  • Meditate – Various breathing and meditation techniques help to calm the mind and feel better. A few minutes of meditation with affirmation can save your day.
  • Practice gratitude and mindfulness – Start appreciating the small blessings in your life. It gives acceptance in life. Try doing it in the morning so that the positivity remains for the whole day. Make it a point to write them down.
  • Organize your schedules properly – Planning your day beforehand can be very satisfying. When you know what is there to do during the rest of the day, you feel organized and as you go further and finish those tasks one by one, a sense of achievement surrounds you.
  • Engage yourself in some activity of interest
  • Avoid drugs, alcohol and smoking  
  • Learn to deal with your stress
  • Do things for others
  • Think positive about yourself
  • Take a break and go off the grid
  • Get professional help if you need it

Being aware of the importance of mental health is one of the best ways to protect and nurture you. I know it is a challenging journey but the rewards are worth trying it. Start today by using the tips described above to strengthen your mind and live a happier life.

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Do you really face any kind of mental issue?? I would want to ask why to ignore it?? 

Just because it’s not definitive doesn’t mean it does not exist.

Leave your comments and let me know what you think about it.

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