The ‘Cure-All’ Diet – One Diet for Most Diseases

“The Doctor of the future will no longer treat the Human Frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent diseases with Nutrition”- Thomas Edison

The above quote candidly explains the role of diet in a person’s overall health. Yet many of us are still struggling to figure out the way to achieve optimum health by replacing medicines with healthy food habits.

Here’s a guide to ‘One diet for most diseases’- a type of diet plan that will work for all in helping to prevent most of the chronic lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid and other cardiovascular diseases, that are most common today and proving to be a great burden for the society.       

Have you ever heard of ‘The CureAll Diet’?

Isn’t it a little astonishing to know about ‘The CureAll Diet’- one diet for most diseases, during these days when everyone is suffering from something or the other?

What comes to your mind at first when you think of this type of Diet?

Well, let me tell you this is true…. And believe me, it doesn’t take years to heal; it only is a matter of a couple of days or weeks.

In today’s medicinal world, where every other person is suffering from some kind of disease and most of them are just relying on popping pills to get better, but, aren’t they doing any better?

The medical system today is such that it doesn’t work on the root cause of the disease; rather the patients are being prescribed with medicines that are only suppressing the symptoms, making them dreadful and never work on eradicating or relieving people completely from them.

The story doesn’t end here, it gets worsened with all the side effects coming up in the body from all those medications and hence discovering more abnormalities leading to more ailments and more medications. I tell you, it’s a vicious circle.

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Like for example if a person is diagnosed with hypertension and instead of making any alterations to his diet and lifestyle, he is being advised to start taking pills to control the blood pressure and then this becomes a new lifestyle for him. The further prognosis is no good because it usually develops into some heart ailment and eventually more complications and medicines.

Whereas the fact of all times is, our body is designed in such a way that it has all the capability to heal on its own and food is supposed to be our medicine. Eating bad food is bad for our health (which is the scenario these days) and makes us sick, whereas good food is like a medicine that helps to prevent the disease. In many cases, it can even reverse the symptoms and can cure the person too.

Stop eating the bad food, put in the good food and magic happens and believe me you need not trust any ‘’expert’’ for this, you simply have to trust your body. It will itself start telling you about the results.

However, the irony is no one has ever told us that you could just treat the whole person only with dietary changes.   

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So now, let’s discuss that one magical diet for most diseases, ‘The CureAll’ diet we have been talking about. This dietary schedule aims at preventing most of the modern lifestyle diseases. First of all, it is important to know why we get sick?? It is important to find out the root cause of the chronic disease and then get rid of it to help the body heal.

Problems start occurring in the body only because of two prime reasons and they are; when your body is TOXIC or INFLAMED. The food habits and lifestyle today is such that aids in adding up more to this. So, the first thing is to quickly stop the things that make you toxic or inflamed and they are; sugar, caffeine, packaged foods, alcohol and junk foods, and instead start doing things that help you detoxify and ease out inflammation in the body like eat real wholesome foods, clean out your bowels, stop all man-made food, exercise and relax.

One Diet for Most Diseases:

We can classify being healthy into few steps:

Start your day with a glass full of juice 

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You can take either juice of ash gourd; which has been considered to be the best food in positive prana food items or a glass full of green vegetables (bottle gourd, cucumber, spinach, coriander etc) or coconut water. This morning detoxification juice will help in cleaning the intestinal tract and soothes the colon and adds up to the daily nutrition.

Have a plate and stomach full of fruits for breakfast

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You can take any fruit of the season. Fruits are a quick source of energy and contain a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Moreover, they are easy to digest and hence our internal system is left with more energy to carry on the healing process.

Make sure not to have any solid/cooked food till 12 in the noon

This is backed by logic; the body is undergoing the detoxification process since night, will be able to complete the process as it is left with more energy saved from the hassle of not digesting any solid foods. A person, this way will be able to observe 16 hours of fasting too – a practice being followed during intermittent fasting which supports weight loss and boosts metabolism.

Have a plate full of green salad each before the other meals 

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Have your daily dose of raw vegetables before lunch and dinner. Try to balance each meal with a good variety of healthy whole foods. Eating salads regularly is a great way to not only increase your vegetable intake but the antioxidants present in the raw salads also improve digestion and boost your immune system. They do not cause bloating, keep your stomach full and aids in weight management.

So this was all about the ‘One Diet for Most Diseases’ fighting food plan. Just add these four simple steps to your everyday diet plan and let the magic happen.

Isn’t that easy?? Try it out as an experiment and you will see visible changes in just 7 days.

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments”- Bethenny Frankel

Wishing you health and happiness.

P.S. Say no to all the packaged foods and junk while practicing this magic diet to really feel the magic 🙂