5 Remarkable Benefits of SUNLIGHT for good health

Benefits of SUNLIGHT for Mental and Physical health

Some old fashioned things like Fresh Air and Sunshine are hard to beat.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Are you Vitamin D deficient?  Having Bone Problems?

Do you feel depressed and less motivated?

You must be in need of taking some ‘sunshine vitamin.’

Yes, you heard me right.

These days, we have become an indoor generation who stays inside most of the time. With the technological revolution, we have filled up our spaces with various gadgets for almost all purposes enslaving us to be occupied with them all the time.

After the emergence of this pandemic this year, the entire education system has gone through an extensive overhauling, with schools and colleges all keeping closed and children across the world are forced to sit in front of their laptop screens for more extended hours doing their classes online. 

We literally have no time for admiring innumerable good things that nature offers.

In the usual scenario, a person tends to wake up in a closed room in the morning, spending a whole day working in a closed office, getting back in a closed car, exercise on gadgets in a closed gym, not at all exposed to the natural light even for some time.

But nature hasn’t made our bodies adaptable to this lifestyle. 

Benefits of Sunlight: Sunlight is the biological need for our bodies

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Sunlight being the natural food for our body since we are not getting it, many diseases have started coming up which were earlier not there or were only affecting older people like problems related to bones, skin such as

  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Cervical
  • knee and back pain
  • psoriasis
  • mental illnesses like depression, anxiety etc

Some other lifestyle diseases have become very common these days like 

  • diabetes
  • pcod
  • hyper tension
  • thyroid
  • hormonal imbalance

These are all results of this contemporary lifestyle. Symptoms have started showing up even at a very early age.

It’s not apparent but decreased exposure to sunlight is one of the many causes behind the disrupted functioning of different organs of our body and many of our problems. 

How does sunlight benefit us??

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Mental Health and Sunlight

Mental health and sunlight have a considerable connection and it has been proved scientifically too.

Darkness and sunlight both triggers the brain to produce some hormones. Exposure to sunlight enhances the release of the hormone called ‘serotonin,’ which helps to lift the mood significantly, whereas darkness induces the release of ‘melatonin’ a hormone that helps the body to sleep.

Very little or no sun exposure leads to a low level of Serotonin in the body and can cause major depression. The countries in higher latitudes where sunlight is only available for fewer days throughout the year, people face more mental issues or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) a form of depression caused by the changing seasons.

Sunlight and stronger bones

Furthermore, Sunlight helps the body to absorb the nutrients available in food like calcium, iron, phosphorous and magnesium.

When it doesn’t happen, no matter how healthy diet you take, the body is not able to extract all those nutrients and our bones tend to become thinner, softer and weaker leading to a decline in bone mass.

By every day sunbathing, our bones regain that strength and the joint/bone pains go away after some time.

Sunlight – a natural disinfectant

Sunlight also prevents and cures many skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis. Just like we take a bath every day with water to clean the outer body, Sunbathing is required to clean the internal body.

When the grains in our kitchen catch worms, we keep them outside in the sunlight for a few hours and they get purified.

In the same way, when we expose our body to sun, it gets penetrated through the open pores of our skin and reaches the blood, increases circulation, and prevents clotting.

The toxic substances like fungus, harmful bacteria from the internal body (that we might not even know to exist inside) are pushed to be excreted out of the body through sweat and urine; hence it purifies the blood and aids in treating many skin related problems.

Vitamin D deficiency and Sunlight   

Research shows that 50% of the population worldwide suffers from vitamin D deficiency since today’s lifestyle restricts outdoor exposure of sunlight.

Vitamin D is a unique kind of vitamin that your body tends to produce when the skin is exposed to sunlight, the UVB rays of sunlight, after coming in contact with the cholesterol through the skin cells, allow the vitamin D synthesis to occur.

Though there are very few food items available that are rich in a significant amount of vitamin D, it’s hard to fill in the gap yet sunlight is the only natural way to fulfill all your body’s vitamin D needs.

Very low vitamin D levels can have serious health problems like osteoporosis, weaker muscles and bones, depression, hair fall etc.     

Sunlight : Lowers the blood pressure

Your body releases something called nitric oxide when it gets exposed to the sunlight. This compound helps to increase the blood flow in your vessels and aids in reducing blood pressure significantly.

It is good for the entire cardiovascular system and reduces the risks of heart attacks and strokes and this has been proved scientifically too.

Sunlight also helps to calm you down and lifts your mood; the feeling of being at peace also helps to keep your blood pressure in control.   

How to sun charge your body

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Well, only knowing about the benefits of something is not enough when you don’t know how to get that advantage to work out for you.

I believe you agree with me.

Presenting here some powerful and practical ways to sun charge your body and get it to work as a healing power.


You must have heard about sunbathing before, let’s discuss how to do it effectively to get the maximum benefit out of it.

How to Sunbathe

The best way to sunbathe is to expose yourself to the direct sunlight for at least 30 minutes a day, first 15 minutes the front side of your body and the other 15 minutes the backside of your body.

One thing to be kept in mind that it should directly reach you, avoid taking it through a glass window; it is not at all effective.

When to Sunbathe

The best time to take the sunlight is morning or evening (preferably within an hour of sunrise and one hour before the sunset) because the sun isn’t so intense during these times and we aren’t supposed to take the heat of the sun. It’s only the afternoon harsh sun that causes tan to the bodies.

What to wear

It is advised to wear absolutely no clothes while sunbathing, but if it isn’t possible, wear the least clothes and preferably white colored cotton clothes as cotton can readily absorb the sunlight. 

Who should do it

People of all ages require to sunbathe, even children too and we need to do it regularly to get good results. 

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Remember, Sun is the only purest source of energy available today without any contamination. We get nothing in this world for free, so be a little humble while taking the sunlight, show some gratitude towards the sun for passing its healing energy on to us.

Open up your windows and let the sunshine brightens up your life.

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  1. As a person who lives in northern Michigan, I have been told many times by my therapist to move to a place with more sunshine after University. I really struggle with SAD. We only get about 69 days of sunshine a year here. Great article!

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